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10 Different Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the best jobs to work from home is having a freelance writing job. With its wide diversity of jobs it has proven to be a very lucrative career. Freelance writing jobs are not restricted to the common article and blog writing jobs many people are familiar with.

  1. – Web content writing consists of article writing for various companies like Examiner, Demand Studios, Suite 101, Love To Know, Textbroker and more. They offer a huge selection of topics for you to write from. Some of the companies do focus on articles that are keyword rich for search engine optimization purposes. Although some offer low pay, you are also compensated on page views. Be sure to check each company’s payment structure.
  2. – Ghostwriting is writing for someone else where they will take full ownership of the written content. It doesn’t require a lot of experience and very often the person will provide you with topics and keywords.
  3. – Web copy may include writing content for websites. You may be writing frequently asked questions, terms of service, privacy policy, disclosure statements, help pages, online newsletter or e-zines and other website content.
  4. – Press releases are important to companies. They are newsworthy articles announcing a company’s updates, events, awards of recognition and so forth.
  5. – A fun and creative job to get into is writing greeting cards.
  6. – Copywriters should be creative and they are responsible for creating promotional advertisements for the web, brochures, magazines, sales letters, slogans and other online media. They should have good researching skills for the products they will be writing about.
  7. – Freelance resume writers can produce resumes that will stand out from the crowd and get the employer’s attention because having a good resume is one of the most important factors in finding a work at home job.
  8. – Writing a novel or e-book can be a huge undertaking. Depending on the person, you may also be required to edit and proofread.
  9. – Academic writers produce essays, reports, presentations, theses and research papers. You must have strong writing skills, excellent grammar and composition skills and write with a stylistic approach.
  10. – There are law offices who hire freelancers to help them in writing legal topics, briefs, attorney profiles, draft motions and memorandums and much more. A law degree is a good advantage.

There are many more types of freelance writing jobs you can consider and all require some extent of experience. This is not just a job, but a business you can grow. Start by building an online presence, keep writing and take the time to learn the craft as there are many free online resources readily available..

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