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4 Easy Steps to Doing Data Entry Work Jobs From Home

What skills do you need for data entry job?
Data entry does not require a college education most data process workers have either a GED or a high school diploma. Skills most needed for data entry are typing, familiarity with word processing, excel is helpful, and database management (database includes programs like Microsoft Access and FileMaker). In 2008, Word processors and typist in the U.S. averaged over $31,000 a year in annual salary. Don’t just stop at the U.S. though. Data entry is a worldwide need, and countries like Australia have many positions available.
Scammers and working data entry home jobs
The work at home data entry field is full of scams, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to find legitimate ones. If you don’t have experience, weeding out scam jobs from legitimate work jobs to do from home can be quite difficult. But don’t let me discourage you if you are passionate about data entry. There are a couple of easy ways to filter out the good home work jobs from scams.

  • • Use a reputable job match service, or
  • • Compare the promised pay and job demands with similar jobs listed at or with businesses (think temp agencies)
  • Now that you have a little background info, let’s get on to the important stuff.

Here’s How To Get Started…
Step 1.
Decide which type of data entry you would like to do. Some of the more popular types of data entry are medical, accounting, statistical, and legal. Many of these jobs require some experience, especially the more technical jobs.
Step 2.
Open up a free, secure third party account like PayPal. This account allows employers to pay you quickly from anywhere in the world.
Step 3.
Get organized. Put together a current resume, highlighting any relevant or specialized experience. Make sure you stand out! If you are going for some of the more competitive jobs, sell yourself to your new employee. Let them know how you will improve their bottom line. Remember when writing your cover letter and resume to be creative. Don’t fall into the trap that so many people fall into of doing “corporate speak”-you know what I’m talking about.
Everyone uses incredibly formal language and nobody says what they really mean.
If you do this when you’re applying for a job, you’re just going to blend in with the rest of the boring crowd. Don’t be afraid to standout or to say something funny and you should definitely be honest.
Step 4.
Find the perfect job. This can be easier said than done with so many darn scams out there, but have no fear. A good rule of thumb is to think of the online/ work at home job field as any other business. So if you walked into a job in the real world and they asked you to pay for training up front, you would probably look at them funny and ask, “So you want me to pay to work here?” Same are thing here. Never pay for an opportunity to work somewhere, quality companies aren’t going to do that. This is not the same as paying a reputable job service.



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