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4 Lies About Online Freelance Writing Jobs

With the explosion of the internet and the heightened interest in work-at-home opportunities, online freelance writing jobs have become very popular. And with any rise in popularity come the scams – ways you can either be ripped off or have your time and talent wasted. If you are really interested in becoming a freelance writer, you need to know about 4 lies concerning the online freelance writing jobs.

All job ads are legit. Sorry to break it to you, but in amongst the thousands of websites advertising writing gigs, there are some that will “disappear” without warning. Disappear with your writing, and with your paychecks. Always check how long a website has been around, and make certain the contact information actually works. And be VARY WARY about pursuing “blind ads” – ads where the client provides NO information about him/herself.
You can only find online freelance writing jobs for articles or editing. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of different kinds of writing assignments available. If informational articles are not your thing, why not consider copy-writing, food-writing, technical writing, writing short stories…? Articles are hugely popular for rookies, and as a result, the pay for those is lower.
A good writer should be able to accept any of the online freelance jobs listed. This is false. A good writer has learned that he writes BEST on topics with which he or she is familiar and of which he is knowledgeable.
Every writer starts out “writing for pennies”. While you can not and should not assume that your first online freelance writing jobs are worth big pay, do not de-value yourself!
Don’t fall for those lies! A career in freelance writing is fantastic, and it can be both exciting and lucrative, if you know the secrets of finding those high paying writing assignments.

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