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Are Data Entry Jobs For Reals? My Straight Forward Answer

Are data entry jobs a scam? If you have been on the hunt for part-time online jobs, you might have encountered any one of the following ads:

‘Earn money online by typing data from the comfort of your home. If you are a stay-at-home mom, student, or just somebody who wants to earn extra income, then this job is for you.’

‘Want extra cash? Here’s the job that you’ve always dreamed of. Join our growing company; get paid simply by typing data. It’s as simple as that. No minimum requirement needed.’

This kind of online work seems to be the job that everyone wants to do today. Why, in the comfort of my very home I can work sitting all day and see my bank account flourish. I can do away with the heavy traffic, office politics, formal dress codes, and time cards. I can work anytime I want to and get sleep without worrying about waking and getting up early. I can do all those, imagine, just by typing data. No wonder more and more people get attracted by these job ads.

However fascinating its offers, I find the popularity of these so-called typing programs job quite intriguing. At the back of my mind I keep thinking, ‘Are data entry jobs a scam?’ So I decided to do a little research on my own and here is what I found out.

First, I noticed two things-things that seem to be the general trend in these types of companies:

1) Customer service is either too lousy you wish you could sabotage the person on the other end of the line or completely nonexistent, which is all the more frustrating.

2) Their websites boast of loaded promises and their ads are downright misleading.

I checked Clickbank’s Marketplace because they have some of the more sought after data entry programs. Guess what I’ve found out? Instead of finding real data entry jobs, I found lots of e-Books showing and teaching you how to make money selling their products using Google AdWords. For a fee you get to register for any of the data entry program you want, receive a set of training materials on typing ‘data entry ads’, and talk other people into doing the same. But there’s the rub, you pay for EVERY ad you up and make money ONLY when you manage to get a sale. Sounds like real data entry scams, right? This, my friend, is what you call Affiliate Marketing, Nothing there.

So to settle this issue once and for all, here’s my take on the issue: Typing programs are not altogether scams. It’s the advertising and selling of the company’s products that make these jobs bad. After all, you did not apply to be a salesman, but rather a data entry associate. So if you really want to pursue this kind of job, find a legitimate program. I tell you there are more programs considered data entry scam than authentic ones but when you do find one, you are well off to the path you expected. Try looking at Webmaster forums. They have a good selection of data entry programs there.



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