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Finding freelance writing jobs can be quite a challenging task. With more people seeking “work at home opportunities,”

Finding freelance writing jobs can be quite a challenging task. With more people seeking “work at home opportunities,” as well more and more individuals looking to earn extra income, the undertaking of finding freelance work can be next to impossible if you simply use the traditional methods of job hunting.

Traditional methods are described as searching your local newspaper and area classifieds, general online searches of free classified advertisements and bidding for jobs on freelance job sites.

The problem with traditional methods are:

1. Most local newspaper and classified listings are not work from home jobs.
2. A search of the free classified listings are filled with paid membership sites where you have to join and pay a fee to gain access to the available jobs, jobs which pay very low rates, and many jobs that are no pay at all.
3. Many of the freelance bidding sites charge a monthly fee to sign up and although the job listings are plentiful, the winning bidders are normally the people who are willing to work for peanuts or those who have a high rating.

For the inexperienced writer or even those wishing to switch from working in-house to at-home, there are techniques that you can use to find freelance jobs online. This is nothing more than changing the way you perform your searches.

A New Way of Searching

When most people perform searches, they type general keywords into the browser. For example, “jobs,” or “freelance work.” While these searches will bring up results for job opportunities, most of the searches will be irrelevant to what you are looking for. Even narrowing down your search to “writing jobs,” “content writer,” “freelance writer,” these searches will yield more relevant searches, but it will still be a significant amount of non-relevant information that you don’t really don’t need.

The keyword or keyword phrases that you use can make all the difference in the world for your searches. Here are a few keyword phrases that you can use when you perform your next job search online:

Looking for writer/writers
Paid writing jobs
Write for us, me, our company
Writer wanted, needed
Freelance writer/writers wanted, needed
Freelance writing jobs, gigs
Freelance writing opportunity
Freelance writing opportunities
Blogger/bloggers needed, wanted
Blog for us
Looking for writers, a writer
Journalist needed, wanted

These searches will still produce a large number of results, so you can narrow down your search even further within your niche, i.e. technical writers wanted, internet marketing bloggers needed, etc.

By changing just a few words, you will find that you open the door to an entire set of new freelance job opportunities. This can work with other jobs as well; you simply change the keywords.

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