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Freelance Writing – 5 Writing Jobs You Never Thought Of

Want to find freelance writing jobs? The jobs are everywhere on the Web; here are five types you may not have considered.

With the Web exploding in popularity for businesses large and small, Web writing jobs are easy to get. The benefit if you’re cash-strapped is that money is paid into your PayPal account as soon as the job is complete — instant cash.

1. Blog Jobs — Get Paid to Blog

Blogs need content. You can supply that content. Your first step is to create your own blog, which acts as your portfolio. Once your blog is established — within a week or two — advertise your availability to blog for others on your blog. You can also use the many classifieds sites to advertise your services.

2. Write Articles for the Web

Article writing jobs for the Web are everywhere. Some are well paid, most are not. Don’t despise the low-paid article writing jobs however. The route to better paid jobs lies via the “starter” jobs.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk – Write Piece Work

On the Amazon Mechanical Turk site, you write piece work. Workers on the site browse the jobs offered, and if the payment offered suits them, do a job. You won’t get rich here, but it is a way of getting a (small) income. You’ll find lots of transcription jobs on the site, so that should give you an idea — offer your own transcription service.

4. Offer a Transcription Service

If you’re a fast and efficient typist, you can offer a transcription service on your own site. Your clients will be marketers, podcasters, and others who want interviews and other material transcribed.

5. Write Ads for Web Sites

If you have marketing experience, you can start an advertising service, writing Pay Per Click ads for Web site owners.

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