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Freelance Writing – Find Invisible Writing Jobs

Looking for freelance writing jobs? If you’ve been writing for newspapers and magazines, or if you’re a new writer, you may feel as if there are no jobs… this is completely incorrect. You’re starving in the midst of plenty.

Let’s look at how you can find the “invisible” writing jobs.

1. Check out the Out-Sourcing Sites, and Join One

Many writers starve to death on the out-sourcing sites because they’re inexperienced, and buyers take advantage of them. However, these sites have on enormous advantage for you when you’re job hunting: you’re in an area where people are trading words for money.

So grit your teeth and join one of these sites. Bid. Get writing jobs. In addition to cash, you’ll get something money can’t buy, and that’s experience.

2. Get a Blog Job: “Instant Publishing” Is Your Friend

There’s excellent money in blogging. Top professional bloggers blog for many sites, and make five figures monthly. This is because blogs are voracious. Companies start blogs for the search engine benefits, and they soon discover that the only way to keep the traffic flowing is to keep blogging. Since they usually don’t have blogging skills on the payroll, they pay a professional blogger.

As with most great jobs, the best blog jobs aren’t advertised. You find them via your contacts, and via your own blog.

3. Start Your Own Blog

If you haven’t created a professional blog, now’s the time. Your blog brings you a constant flow of new clients once it’s been online for a while. It also gives you credibility because your prospective clients can assess your skills to see whether they’re a match for their projects. A bog is a short cut. Within a couple of months of blogging, you’ll find that writing jobs are coming to you.

4. Make Friends With Writers Who Are Swamped With Job Offers

Once you become known as a writer, you’ll be offered many more jobs than you can handle.

Therefore, make friends with well known writers. Let them know what your skills are and give them your site links (you must have a Web site and blog) and you’ll receive the writing job offers which they don’t have the time to accept.

Once you discover “invisible” writing jobs, you’ll see them everywhere. Before too long, you’ll be turning freelance writing jobs away too, because you’re booked up for months ahead.

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