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Freelance Writing – Make Your Own Freelance Writing Jobs

Although there are unlimited opportunities for freelance writers, most freelance writers are looking in the wrong places. They focus on the few “jobs” which are posted online for freelancers.

Although some of these jobs are legitimate, many are not. There are thousands of other writers all applying for the same freelance jobs, which pay measly rates. That’s the reason they’re posted online – because (often) the advertisers are looking for freelancers who are naive enough, or desperate enough, to accept minimal rates.

It’s easy to lose your self-respect if you play this game.

If this describes your experience when you’re looking for freelance writing jobs, take the path less traveled. Realize that the best freelance jobs, as with all other jobs, are never advertised.

Realize that you can make your own freelance writing jobs.

When you do, a new world will open for you. A world where you decide what your writing is worth – and shock, horror – people pay it. Yes, that’s right. People pay you decent (and in some cases large) sums to write for them… and best of all, they come to you.

Your Writer’s Web Site: The Key To Making Your Own Freelance Writing Jobs

Successful freelance writers rarely look for work, because they have more work than they can handle. Their clients contact them through the freelancers’ Web site.

Think about it. If you wanted to hire a writer, what would you do? Would you advertise and open the floodgates to hundreds of applicants? Would you have the time and staff to wade through all the resumes and letters? Genuine buyers looking for freelancers don’t have the time to do that. They find freelancers on the Web, by typing “freelance writer” into a search query box. They’re looking for freelancers’ Web sites.

When someone finds you on the Web, they look at your site, and get a fair idea of your writing style, your expertise, and your experience. If your qualifications match what they’re looking for, they will contact you. And because you advertise your rates, you get the writing fees that you want, every time.

As a veteran writer and writing teacher, I’m in touch with writers every day. It amazes me that many writers say they have “no time” to create their own Web sites. And yet, these are the same writers who say that they can’t find writing projects which pay well.

Create a Web site. When you do, you’re making your own freelance writing jobs.

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