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Get More Writing Jobs When You Become a Credible Writer

The only thing you need is the energy for self-promotion via a small Web site.

Self-promotion means you never have to hunt for writing jobs, because you now have credibility.

Here’s how it works: you write and promote your writing and writing skills, and clients come to you to use your services because they’ve seen your Web site and writing samples. They know that you’re the perfect writer for them, because your skills match their needs.

The alternative is to hunt for writing jobs. Hunting for jobs not only wastes time and energy you could spend writing, it’s also frustrating, because many writing “jobs” are not what they seem.

Just as you should check out potential writing clients, you need to check out any jobs you find online very carefully, because scams abound. Writers tend to lack confidence and are often very naive: this makes them tasty prey for sharks.

Here are three reasons you should establish your credibility online with a small site and writing samples:

1. Anyone can claim anything online

I’m constantly amazed at some of the claims I see made online. These outrageous claims make writing clients wary of hiring writers they don’t know.

Anyone considering you for a good writing job will Google your name. If you have no Web site with writing samples, your credibility drops. You will lose out to writers who do have a site and samples.

2. Opportunities for writers are unlimited online

As more businesses move more of their operations online, and as thousands of new Web sites are launched every day, the opportunities for writers are unlimited – people need writers.

If you’ve established your bona fides, you will be swamped with writing jobs: they come to you. You can pick and choose what you want to write, because you have credibility.

3. You can enhance your credibility with testimonials on your site

As soon as you can, put some testimonials on your site. RELIABLE writers are rarer than pink diamonds. Testimonials prove that you’re a reliable writer – they’re the ultimate way to become credible.

Whether you’re new to writing, or are an established pro, remember that your credibility counts. The people who hire you have a lot riding on your words: don’t let them down. Establish your credibility, and build your reputation, and you’ll be booked solid with writing jobs.

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