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Guide to Securing Your Free Online Data Entry Job

A common way of working online is through data entry jobs. They usually require limited skills and should be free to obtain.

If you have heard about data entry but never known what it is or how to get them; this article will offer some basic answers to your questions. With some basic knowledge and a little commitment you will quickly become very competent in this field.

What Does a Data Entry Job Entail?

An employee will usually be creating things like lists, databases, records and transcriptions for their employer. If a job does not require the skills of specialized full time staff member; prudent economics causes these jobs to be outsourced to the cheapest worker.

Google AdWord campaigns can require you to submit targeted ads for specific companies. Data entry might also include preparing correspondence for offline as well as online communication. Basically any simple task that can be outsourced at a cheaper rate without compromising quality comes under this heading.

When people work from home they have less costs associated with their employment. Examples of these are transport costs, childcare and work equipment. This is the main reason they can offer their services for a low rate.

Finding Data Entry Jobs

There are several big online resources where you can find data entry positions. Some sites are legitimate and some are scams; with a little practise you will easily learn to pick the good from the bad. Many legitimate jobs can be found on sites such as, and

If you have any concerns about whether a job is legitimate or not, check with the FTC or BBB. Any job that is legitimate should be free. Any site that wants you to pay them some money to secure your position may be trying to scam you.

What Equipment Will I need to Perform these Jobs?

These jobs require you to have some basic but very essential equipment. A computer and broadband internet connection are the first and most important priority. You will need spare time in your day to invest into this venture. Don’t underestimate the initial effort to get the ball rolling.

Basic computer skills and internet browsing knowledge is definitely a valuable asset. Don’t worry if you have limited knowledge, you will quickly pick it up. When you start out, expect your hourly rate to reflect your level of experience.

What is So Great About Data Entry Online Jobs?

The beauty of data entry jobs is that your hourly pay rate increases as you get faster at completing the jobs. After a small period of learning you will easily create a reliable online income stream.

Data entry jobs are better than other online jobs because you can do them with crying children, noisy pets or just work on them sporadically throughout the day. You can create your own schedule; time off to pick up the kids from school is no problem. You are the boss, make your day work for you.



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