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How to Find Article Writing Jobs? Article writing jobs are a good way of earning extra money by getting clients to write for

For a person who is initially starting of on this, there is a question of where to get the article writing jobs.

1. Online Job Boards
Similar to online message boards, there are online job boards where job postings are listed and discussed. You can find such job boards online with a standard internet search focusing on freelance web content writing.

2. Online Job Websites
Besides online job boards, there are also online job websites. You may be able to find article writing jobs in popular websites like The best will be to look for those that focus on freelance writing projects. These can also be found by doing a standard internet search.

3. Online Classified Advertisements
Online classified advertisements, the most popular of which is, are another way to find freelance article writing jobs online. The only concern here is the possibility of running into scams. Having said this, you will soon find be able to figure out the warning signs for such scams.

4. Online Bidding Websites
Those who need to get projects done can post their projects, like article writing jobs, on online bidding websites. Then, bidders who are freelance writers can bid for these jobs,outlining how much they will do the project for. These sites can also be found using a standard internet search. When choosing what to bid for, look for those that protect you from scammers. This could involve having buyers escrow the funds so that as long as you get the project completed, you get paid.

5. SEO Companies
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies specialize in Internet marketing and article marketing plays an important role in this. The webmasters hire article writers to improve the search engine rankings and views of their websites. These SEO companies may advertise using the above methods or they may also have a job opportunities section on their sites.

If you are really serious about making money through article writing, it is best for you to create your own website. This does not have to be a fancy,elaborate site. Include a list or link to your online sample articles, your rates and a summary of the topics that you have expertise in.

Of course, an easy way of getting article writing jobs, is to inform your current clients of your willingness to take on some more projects with them. Repeat clients are also great to have as you already understand their expectations plus you will know their payment reliability.

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