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How to Find Online Data Entry Jobs for Money and Career

Trying to find real data entry work online can be somewhat of a minefield. Many of the thousands and thousands of so-called opportunities are in fact money-spinning scams.

Detecting Scams
Determining what is a scam and what is a genuine opportunity can at times be difficult, but there are a few simple ways of preventing ultimately costly mistakes and landing a genuine, decently paid job.

There are literally thousands of so-called programs advertised, complete with flashy websites, endless lists of so-called users who have made millions and a price tag. The reality is, there is no such thing as easily made millions and these scams should be avoided at all cost.

Reliable Sites to find Work
For someone just starting out, the best bet is to start by looking within reputable job sites, such as DataEntryJobs101, Freelancer, WAHM, Whydowork, JobisJob UK or WorkPlaceLikeHome, for example, where many genuine, usually reasonably well paid data entry jobs will be listed.

Many of these sites have a rating and review system for both workers, often referred to as providers, and employers, or users, as they are often called. This makes it possible to check an employer’s reputation among other workers.

Job-related classifieds like Craigslist, Indeed or Backpage are also good resources, as are local adverts and Yellow Pages. The one, main, thing to remember at all times is that no reputable employer, whether online or next door, will ever ask an applicant to make a payment first.

Naturally, there are also a host of companies offering work directly on the Internet. While many of them are very good, honest providers, others are again scam artists who will take the provided work and run, so to speak.

Verifying Employers
If considering one of the vast amount of available independent adverts, the best possible option is to simply put their company name and post code or URL into the search panel of BBB, which is the so-called Better Business Bureau.

Another, similar, option is going through SBA. This Small Business Administration site works basically the same as the BBB. In either case, the returned search result should reveal the reputation of the company in question.

How to get Work
Once a potential job has been located, applying for it should include a reason why one should be selected for the job. The best way to get attention is to point out one’s talents and experience, where applicable, without going over-board.

Making promises that are hard to keep could result in a bad reputation, which will make it almost impossible to find work in the future. On sites like Freelancer, for instance, the jobs on offer have to be applied for by placing a bid.



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