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Jobs For Writers – Create Your Own Writing Jobs

Looking for writing jobs? Don’t bother – you’ll make more money creating your own jobs, rather then than scouring the online job boards. You’ll enjoy your writing more too.

There are two primary ways in which you can create your own writing jobs: create proposals, and/ or create your own products.

1. Create Writing Proposals and Create Your Own Contract Job

If you’ve been writing for a while you know how to write proposals. Perhaps you’ve written proposals (also known as queries) for magazine articles. Or perhaps you’ve created a proposal for a book, and sent it to an agent or to a publishing house.

A proposal is essentially an offer. While many writers know that they can make proposals to magazines and book publishing companies, most writers are unaware that you can make a proposal to any company at all. Occasionally you’ll make a proposal after having phone conversation with a buyer of your writing. The buyer is intrigued with your ideas, and asks you to write them up in a proposal.

Most proposals however you’ll create completely on your own initiative, simply because you have an idea of what a company needs. For many years I created mini proposals for prospective copywriting clients. They were less than one page in length, and took me around half an hour to create. I sent these unsolicited proposals to companies with which I wanted to work. This worked brilliantly, for two reasons. The first reason is that I could decide exactly what I wanted to write and when; the second reason is that I could decide exactly how much I wanted to charge.

If you’re spending hours every week scouring the job boards, start writing proposals. You be amazed at the difference it makes when you create your own writing jobs.

2. Create Your Own Writing Products

The second way to create your own writing jobs is to create your own products. These products could be Web sites, blogs, ebooks, or other information products. The benefit and creating these kinds of jobs for yourself is that the work that you do will continue to pay you for years to come.

Let’s say you spend a month of your spare time writing an ebook. If you’ve chosen an evergreen topic for your ebook, that ebook will continue to sell for the next few years. This brings you a complete hands-free source of income.

If you’re a brand new writer you won’t have the experience to use the strategies in this article. However if you’ve been writing for a couple of years, you do. Get creative and innovative, and start creating your own writing jobs now.

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