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Making Sure You’re Fit for Data Entry Jobs

Many people think that data entry jobs are easy, and that everyone can do them. While this is partially true, the fact is that there is more to data entry than just typing words and numbers into positions on the screen. Some companies will only use certain programs, others will use other programs, and yet others will use both programs but in entirely different ways. To apply for these jobs you will also need to be a fast typist.

There are many types of programs used to perform entry jobs, and while the main goal is the same, the way they work will always be slightly different. To get a head start in your data entry career, make sure you research the various types of software and learn about how each of them works. If you can find out what software the company is using, focus your energies on that one, although don’t stop looking at the other software. The company may want to change, and by knowing how the other systems work you will be given a great head start over the other employees.

Data entry technicians need to be fast typists. There will be a lot of data that needs inputting, and often there will not be enough people do to the work, so you will need to work fast, but correctly. Some companies that offer entry jobs place a restriction of words per minute, WPM, in their advertisement, and many will make you take a typing test during the interviewing process. If you’re worried about your typing speed, or just want to make sure you’re up for the challenge, there are a few things that you can do. Firstly, attaining your primary level of WPM is the best way to start. Grab a magazine or a newspaper article and type that as fast and accurately as you can for ten minutes straight. If you reach the end, go back to the beginning and start again. At the end of the ten minutes, count up how many correct words you typed, then divide that number by ten to calculate your average WPM. Sixty is the average asked for in many office based careers, but for data entry job you may want to aim higher. There are many sites online that aim to help you to improve your typing speed, so checking them out cannot hurt your chances.



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