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Online Writing Jobs – How to Price Your Content to Sell

More and more sites are coming online where freelance writers can sell their content. This means more online writing jobs for freelance writers. But, the downside is you have to know how to price your content to sell on these types of sites.

Following are a few tips for setting the right price so that your content sells on these types of sites.

Examining Online Job Writing Sites

Sites where freelance writers can sell their content are called online content provider sites. But they still require some offline writing world tactics. For example, if you were going to send a query to a magazine, you would read the magazine first to get a feel for it. Online content provider sites are no different.

Online Writing Jobs: What to Scope out in Content Provider Sites

So, what exactly should you be scoping out when examining content provider sites? The following, at a bare minimum:

Categories: Most content provider sites have categories — usually 20-50. Some have more, some have less. Look to see if they have a category that fits your writing niche. The reason this is important is because most online writing jobs require niche content.

As content is what drives traffic, website owners seek specific (read “niche”) content. And, online content provider sites supply it.

Number of Articles in Category: Usually, content provider sites will list the number of articles in each category. You can use this information in two ways: (i) to stay away from that category; or (ii) to write in it. What’s the significance of each?

Online Writing Jobs: Reason to Write in a Popular Category

While it may be harder for your content to get noticed in a popular category, it can also mean that there’s a lot of demand in that category. A lot of content provider sites have articles on them that are not very professional. It is regurgitated content of no real value.

It’s really relatively easy to stand out on online content provider sites if you produce good content, on a regular basis, in a specific niche — and price it competitively.

Online Writing Jobs: Reason Not to Write in a Popular Category

There is fierce competition for online writing jobs. Choosing to stay away from a popular category can lessen the competition. Less competitive categories tend to be the “hard” categories like Technology, for example. They usually have way fewer articles than say, Entertainment. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to research topics and write a 400-500 word piece — even if this is not your niche.

And, you stand a better chance of selling your content because there’s less competition. And, you can usually demand a higher rate.

Online writing jobs are becoming easier and easier to find thanks to content provider sites. Pricing your content right is the key to making money with these online job writing sites.

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