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Paid Survey Jobs – How to Earn Legitimate Income From Paid Surveys in 3 Simple Steps

Taking surveys online is a straight-forward, simple approach to earning money online. There are a lot of tempting get-rich quick methods that may sound great, but most of them are just well-formulated scams designed to get you to buy a product or system that simply does not perform. Here is how you can make taking paid surveys a great online job, that can get you legitimate extra cash and awesome free products.

1. Search for a free survey company list. Don’t pay for one, there are plenty of decent lists and databases available for free. Make sure the site you are on is not giving you unrealistic income claims either, because if they are going to mislead you about the income, expect it from everything else on that site too! (You won’t get rich taking surveys… they average between $1-$8 and 5-20 minutes of your time. Also, the focus groups for $150/hour are real, but few and far between)

2. Register for the Survey Companies. Registering for the individual companies doesn’t not mean just signing up on the initial first pages. You also have to confirm your registrations in your email and also fill out the individual profile questionnaires. This is the most boring and tedious part of the whole process, but don’t skip it. Those little mini-surveys and initial profiles help filter out the surveys they send you, to keep you from starting surveys you aren’t qualified for and wasting your time.

3. Start Earning! Check your email and start taking surveys. If you don’t see survey invitations in your email right away, you probably haven’t registered for very many companies. You need to register for multiple panels to receive consistent invitations. The number of surveys available for your demographic will vary, so sometimes a particular company will have more surveys form you one month and less the next. Don’t forget, you are not obligated to take a survey just because it is in your email inbox. If you don’t feel the compensation is worth your time, don’t take it! You will never be penalized for skipping a survey.

The only last tip I have is to not skip over registering for the survey panels that appear to only give sweepstakes entries. It is tempting to skip them and think its not worth your time… after all, you want cash, right? The thing is, some of these companies offer occasional focus groups (the big money), do product testing and offer intermittent cash surveys. Since it is entirely up to you whether or not you take a survey, it’s best to register for them all and leave your options open. If you are not registered, you may miss a great opportunity to earn.


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