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Paid Surveys Are Better Than A Part Time Job – 10 Reasons

If you are thinking of getting a part time job to make some extra cash, let me give you another option: online paid surveys. Big companies need data on what people like and don’t like. They need to know if their new product packaging appeals to their target audience and all that. So, they are willing to pay pretty well for people to give their opinion on all kinds of things.

Sometimes you just need to give your opinion on something you have already seen or heard about. Other times you are shown photos of new packaging or products and asked to give your opinion. Occasionally you are sent stuff in the mail and asked to evaluate it. In any case, you basically just give your opinions on something and then you get paid pretty well for your time. It is pretty darn easy.

Here are some reasons that you might want to try paid surveys instead of a part time job:

1. Paid surveys pay well – it is not too difficult to average $15.00 per hour just taking surveys.
2. You can take a survey from bed, in your pajamas.
3. If you get a real job, you will have a real boss! (who might be a jerk)
4. You can take surveys on your own schedule, so you never have to miss your kid’s soccer game.
5. You can get lots of free stuff by taking surveys.
6. Taking surveys is WAY more fun than most jobs!
7. A part-time-job may require driving to get there, which uses expensive gasoline.
8. Your computer would like to do something more productive than playing Youtube videos all day.
9. You won’t ever get fired from your paid survey job.
10. No need to wake up early for surveys!

All joking aside, taking online surveys is a fun, easy way to make some extra money. My wife and I have been taking paid surveys for years and have made thousands of dollars doing it. A friend of ours actually makes the payment on her luxury car each month just by doing paid surveys in her spare time.

And since it is actually pretty fun to do, you are likely to stick with it and keep making money month after month. In our house we use the extra money we get from online surveys to pay for the extra things we want, like fancy dinners, vacations, and designer clothes. Other people may just supplement their incomes while the economy is depressed. Whatever you want a little extra money for, taking surveys in your spare time is a great (and easy) way to earn it.

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