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Paid Writing Jobs – Do They Exist?

Online writing is a very active pastime – or career – to get involved in. But if you have read the comments made by a lot of potential writers out there, they would have you believe that there is no such thing as paid writing jobs at all. At least, not ones that would help you pay the mortgage each month.

I am here to prove them wrong. I have been a full timer for eighteen months now. The reason I left my job was because I had too many writing jobs not to! I got to the stage where my online writing income was better than my day job income.

So how did I find those jobs? How did I get to the stage where I had enough jobs to warrant being able to leave?

You want to discover my secret, am I right? Well here it is – I persevered. I knew there were good writing jobs out there because I knew people who did them. So I resolved not to give up until I found them as well. I looked on sites like Craigslist, I loaded articles onto Constant Content, I explored all the job sites and looked on all the writing blogs that have regular batches of jobs culled from other sources.

And I kept going.

Now there is the key to real success – to keep going. Real, proper, paid writing jobs DO exist, believe me. The problem with a lot of would-be writers is that they give up long before they ever find them. You cannot expect to trip over the best jobs right from the start. Just as you would do years of training to become a doctor or get to the top of any job, you need to do the same with writing as well. So in short, the jobs are there – but you have to find them.

There are ways to make life easier though. Put links to your favourite job sources on your Bookmarks Toolbar on your computer. This will prompt you to look at them regularly. Make a pact to look for writing jobs every day. Apply for as many as you can and KEEP GOING. If you give up you will never know if the very next job could have been the one to make a difference.

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