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The Different Writing Jobs: Which one is best for you?

Writing was not a job, but only one’s folly, one’s hobby. These images, more or less, were based on reality. Decades and centuries ago, only a few exceptional writers enjoyed heydays in their writing careers such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and T.S. Elliot. The rest, sadly, suffered as starving poets, unpublished writers and miserable playwrights.

Things however have taken a different turn for those who love the pen. Lately, writing jobs in fact, have become popular career choices not only for the gifted writer but for the aspiring writers as well. Owing to the vast resources on writing such as writing manuals and Internet sources, even those with no direct experience in writing can easily learn to become one in no time and at a minimal cost. Aspiring writers could also enroll in writing classes (creative writing, Public Relations writing, news writing, scriptwriting etc.) to improve their craft.

Writing jobs have metamorphosed into different forms, allowing flexibility to the writers. If in the old days, writers were categorized as poets, playwrights, novelists and the news writer, the categories for writing jobs has expanded and branched into other industries.

For example, writing jobs in the mass media would include the news writer, the features writer, the editorial writer and the different beats- entertainment, sports, lifestyle, police etc. And that is just for the print alone. The broadcast media on the other hand, have different categories for writing jobs such as the scriptwriter and the spiels writer.

The literary world has different categories for writing jobs as well. There are poets, playwrights, novelists, essayists and short story writers.

The Internet phenomenon has bred a new generation of writers. Categories in online writing jobs would be the web content writers, bloggers, search engine optimization writers and the article writers. However, the online writing phenomenon continues to intensify and we can be sure that sooner or later, new types or categories of writing jobs will come up in the field of online writing.

Writing jobs can be very rewarding especially if you love this craft. More than the glory of the byline is the satisfaction one gets in being able to express yourself and getting read and getting heard. The money is just a bonus.

Bear in mind however that writing is a tool, a powerful weapon. Writing is a great responsibility. With just a few inaccuracies, lives can be ruined- figuratively and literally. In this context, one should be able to appreciate the importance of responsible writing.

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