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The Freelance Writing Job Hunt – 4 Costly Mistakes Made by Rookies

The freelance writing job hunt can be discouraging at best for many rookie writers. It seems like they will need to lower themselves to working like a slave for a dollar or two per piece – thus confirming the “penniless writer” label. But believe it or not, there are things you can do to protect your interests, and thus make more money. Here are 3 costly mistakes many rookies make while on the freelance writing job hunt:

1. Rookies accept jobs with ANY ad board they find. Usually ads are legit, but there are also, unfortunately, people out there that will take your work and run. There are thousands of websites advertising writing jobs, and rookies should be VERY careful about taking jobs from sites that haven’t been around for long, or have scanty contact information.

2. Rookies answer “blind ads”. Even if you find a legitimate site, do not answer ads where the client gives no information about him/herself. This is a tip-off that the client is hiding something. If you MUST respond, ASK for details prior to accepting the job.

3. Rookies tend not to think “outside the box”. Writing articles and novels are not the only ways to make money with your writing! Go on a freelance writing job hunt for copy-writing, sports writing, poetry, technical writing, or others! See what is out there. Find a niche with a huge demand and little supply!

4. Rookies bin on or accept writing assignments on topics of which they know very little. Unless you enjoy constantly learning and regurgitating information, these assignments tend to be challenging, frustrating, and a waste of your time.

Starting any new career is a challenge, but rookies should not quit! A freelance writing job can be both exciting and lucrative, IF you know the secrets of finding those high paying writing assignments!

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