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The Three Different Levels of Data Entry

There are three different levels of data entry jobs that might not be apparent when you’re looking at the advertisements online. But the more data entry work that you do you’ll find that there are different types of entry jobs and that you might not be suited to all of them. Here is a brief rundown of the three main types of entry jobs: simple, moderate, and hard.

Simple: this is a type of data entry job that doesn’t require a lot of hard work but you will end up spending a lot of time doing it. It is mostly time consuming work rather than being difficult, although there is some difficulty having to do the same thing all day for however long it takes for the work to be finished. An example of a simple entry request is to copy text from a form or virtual document into another type of document. This can be copying hand written data on a survey or medical insurance form or it can be copying text from a PDF file into a word document that can later be edited. To get this type of job you will need to have a very fast typing speed and a good eye for detail.

Moderate: this type of job can be done at home or in an office and is slightly harder than the simple job because it takes more time to complete each task. An example of this type of job is creating a series of blogs for a company. Many companies rely on blogs to drive new business to their website, but they do not have the time or skills to create these new blogs themselves so they hire a data entry clerk to do it for them. In this job you will be given the text and layout for each blog and you will be in charge of creating as many as you have been told to do.

Hard: these types of data entry jobs are sometimes referred to as transcribers. For this job you most likely will have to work in an office due to the confidential nature of the work being transcribed. You will have to listen to a tape recording of a session or meeting and type it up exactly making sure to differentiate between the different speakers.



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