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The Truth About Free Online Survey Jobs

It sound almost too good to be true. Apparently, you can take surveys on your computer from the comfort of your own home and make money in the process. What is really going on with these opportunities? Are there really plenty of free online survey jobs out there?

The question defies a simple answer because it probably is not appropriate to consider completing online surveys a job. A job conjures up images of consistency, clearly defined responsibilities, an established rate of pay and other factors. Completing paid surveys is different. Surveys definitely offer a way to make money online, but they are not jobs in any traditional sense.

Initially, you probably should not expect participation in market research surveys to create the equivalent of a full time income. It is possible to post massive earnings with surveys, but most participants in this field do not see substantial incomes. Instead, paid surveys are a way to generate extra money. They are a fun and easy way to profit, but they are not going to replace your former gig as a corporate CEO in the income department!

You can make money with surveys. You cannot, however, project consistent and regular earnings. Some days will be better than others. Some weeks will be better than others. A hot streak, during which you find a series of very high-paying offers may be followed by a slow period where the big money is harder to find.

Those who are serious about making money with surveys have found that they can improve their chances by investing in quality resources that provide them with a plethora of leads and contact information for marketing research firms who offer online projects. However, even these higher level participants do not clear hundreds of dollars every day.

I think paid surveys are a lot of fun and I know they can generate some much needed household income for people who would like to engage in a fun, paying activity. I thoroughly recommend making money online this way, but I caution potential participants to maintain reasonable expectations.

You can make money. If you do things the right way, you will make money. You probably should not, however, consider paid surveys as a substitute for full time, gainful employment. Think about it like this, free online survey jobs are really free opportunities to make extra money with a fun hobby. The overall earnings can be very impressive when you consider the nature of the activity.

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