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Three Top Problems With Working Survey Jobs and Focus Groups

I’d be shocked if you’re interested in working jobs from home and you haven’t heard about focus and survey groups. These two sister jobs have been highly publicized on the Internet, so much so, that throw a rock in any direction and you’re likely to hit 2 or 3 ads promising massive amounts of money with little or no work involved.

Working home jobs is a dream for most people, and marketers take advantage of desperate times, especially today’s high unemployment. They promise huge salaries with little time involvement, all to be made easily and quickly from working jobs at home.

Personally, I would be very leery of doing any sort of survey or focus group jobs, especially if they were demanding money upfront.

If you see any ads promising “Make huge bucks while working home jobs” or “I made $37,475 last month working from home–just click here to pay for our special course so you can make big dollars too,” move on. There is more to focus jobs and survey jobs than just watching your account for the money to pour in. If it worked that way, everyone would do it.

No matter how good the offer sounds, never pay for a survey or focus group course. The advertisements can be incredibly convincing, but most won’t live up to the hype. With claimed payouts of 50 dollars or more per survey it’s tempting, but the reality is just a few cents earned for a big time commitment.

The truth is, there are surveys that payout $50 or more, but these big payouts are rare. If you want to know the reality on the average payout, just move the decimal over two spots. Most survey payouts average between 50 cents and $3 dollars. The worst part is that most of the surveys can take up to 45 minutes or an hour to complete. Not exactly adding free time back to your life.

Now, I’m not the end all, be all source for survey and focus group jobs and there may be some good ones out there, I just haven’t seen or heard of anything that is consistent enough to make it worth your while. I don’t know about you, but working for a dollar an hour doesn’t sound real good to me, even if you can work this job at home.

Here are three of the top problems with doing surveys as work jobs from home…

1. Many companies take a long time to payout. Waiting on a $1.00 survey payout might make you a little antsy, especially if you’re looking for big bucks to hit your hot little hands.

2. It’s difficult to weed out the bogus companies from the legitimate ones. Unfortunately, there are far more of the former than the later.

3. Dealing with logistical and technical issues can be a real time waster. A common problem I’ve heard is you spend an hour taking your survey and when you finish, an error code comes up to say the quota has already been met and you are not eligible to collect your buck. Talk about being pissed, that could have been your lunch money.

There are many legitimate jobs you can work from home that pay more consistently and provide better value for your time. Unless you enjoy taking surveys and participating in focus groups, look into running a call center, telecommuting, or taking on some writing assignments. There are a lot of opportunities to stay home to work. Jobs from home like blogging, mystery shopping, and customer service are in plentiful.


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