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Tips to Finding Creative Writing Jobs Online

Even though I do not have any education higher than advanced high school English, and no professional experience other than two years of online writing, I still love that I can write and get paid to do so. What I don’t enjoy is spending any amount of time simply reprocessing information already available. One of the reasons I simply refuse to take any “rewrite” jobs from clients or content mills is because I still value a level of creativity in any writing job.

Many writers are just as passionate about creative writing, no matter if it is as a hobby or career. Writing for the web, however, doesn’t usually provide a very large amount of creative writing opportunities. That is, not if you happen to be looking in all the same places every other content writer. In order to find creative writing jobs on this Internet, you will need to be…well…creative.

Your first step should be to avoid getting caught in a kind of content mill rut. Content mills are a great source for churning writing articles quickly and making a few bucks, but many of them don’t care so much for personal creativity. In fact, some of them have style guides so strict that you may actually get penalized if you add a bit of flair to your writing. So be sure to use these sites sparingly and only between creative writing jobs.

You should expect most of the creative writing jobs you land to be short stories, children’s books, or even poems. Other possibilities may include script presentations for seminars and meetings, or even writing for plays and movies. Whenever a client wants content which is interesting, witty, and personalized they will be on the search for a quality creative writer.

Be sure to remember that when you are working creative writing jobs, it will probably take 30 – 50% longer to complete them than simple content work. Where writing 10 articles at 500 words each may only take you four days, it may take a week or even two to complete a 5,000 word short story. This accounts for times of writer’s block and the time you’ll need to come up with inspiration.

There is no set formula that you should follow when quoting your clients on creative writing jobs. While you should follow the basic guideline of adding 30% more time, you may need even more than that. The good thing about most creative writing jobs is that the client is very understanding and may even expect to have a slightly longer turnaround than for simple articles. Forced creativity can easily be picked up by readers, and no one wants that!

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