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Top Paying Opportunities in Online Data Entry Jobs

The benefits with the recent trend of “home sourcing” rather than outsourcing jobs is that there are now all kinds of online data entry jobs that have opened up on the market. They can be found on countless freelancing websites, and all of them offer some rewarding opportunities for steady income, however you do need to be on your toes to spot the unscrupulous sites.

Data entry is always going to appeal to people interested in working online at home. Virtually anyone can do the work that is available. It is essential to take a professional approach the clients, their main concern is ensuring their job gets done, they are not concerned if it is done from an office or home as long as the work is really well done, on time and professionally managed.

Database work

Online data entry jobs involve processing data and entering it onto a document or other file, ready for easy access. Usually it will involve spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, or publishing programs like Microsoft Word.

Companies all over the world, have databases that need updating; a task that can be time consuming and expensive to complete. These companies are willing to contract freelancers to do the work for them, and don’t mind if the job is done from home. These online data entry jobs will usually consist of revising addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information pertinent to their customer databases.

List Creation

Another data entry job that you will find on freelancing sites is list compilation. When companies launch new advertising or marketing campaigns, one of the tasks they accomplish during these events is having guests and potential customers fill out surveys, including their contact information for future promotional notices. They need someone to compile all of this information into one solid database format, and they are willing to pay freelancers to do it for them.

Typing and Editing

Another popular freelance data entry opportunity is to act as a ‘Virtual Assistant.’ There are literally hundreds of different kinds of businesses who make use of Virtual Assistants, Realtors, Solicitors, Barristers, Speakers, Coaches etc., they could not operate successfully without help. Their Virtual Assistant looks after them, typing correspondence from dictation, editing reports, creating written press releases, writing their blogs, dealing with their schedules and a host of other secretarial functions too numerous to mention. These can be some of the best paying positions to have, because in some cases, you are literally acting as their on-call assistant in all business functions. This job pays good money, as well as is something great to list on a resume later.

Catalog Entries

Some companies need data entry specialists to create online catalog descriptions for them. You will need to create small descriptions of items for sale so as to entices the buyer into buying it. It can be challenging to rethink so many different ways to describe the same kind of item, but getting paid by the word, within limits, may help to spark the creativity along.


The rate paid will usually depend on the organization that has employed you and the type of work that you will be doing, they might even pay you per piece of work submitted, but this can add as an extra incentive for you to work longer.

Don’t Pay Them to Give You a Job

Never pay any money up front to obtain data entry work. If the company is genuine, and needs people to perform data entry work, they would not charge you a fee to obtain the job. There is a difference between a home business and a work from home job. It may require capital to start a business, but it should never cost anything to start a job. If there is any training to be had it should be part of the employment, not a separate agreement that costs you money. They should never try to charge you money to work for them. Neither should there be a subscription fee to use their job search site to look for suitable jobs.



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