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Understanding Data Entry Jobs And How To Find The Real Deal

Nowadays there are a lot of data entry jobs being advertised in the internet. Most reviewers will say most of these sites are spammers and only a handful is legitimate. However based on a second quarter 2011 study it seems that work at home job scams are not as prevalent as some experts would have consumers believe. Case and point is the fact that the online work at home industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years. At a rate that far exceeds the growth rate of conventional job industries. This article will answer point by point the main issues detractors have against data entry jobs.

Cash Up Front: The Price of Doing business.

Most detractors state that a lot of the time work at home job scams require an individual to pay cash up front in order to activate an account, membership and/or to be given a set of manuals required to set up a data entry job. Detractors warn individuals about data entry jobs scam and adamantly state that an applicant is supposed to earn money not shell out money up front. That is true, if one was talking about employment but false when talking about a business.

Entrepreneur not Employee: Start Up Capital.

Detractors have a point, however their premise on bad offers is wrong. They assume that the cash up front is a requirement for employment in a rank and file position. However work at home data entry clerks are not rank and file employees. Cash up front “schemes” are based on setting up a business. The consumers own business! And any businessman will tell you, that he or she spent money as start-up capital.

An Example to Drive the Point Home: Franchise

Let us say for example, a franchise like McDonald’s; some individuals prefer to purchase McDonald’s franchise regardless of the fact that he or she has to pay a premium for the franchise. This is because he or she is investing in a tried and tested business plan that works and can provide support and coaching to ensure proper business direction. Now these entrepreneurs could have chosen to make a business from scratch and save themselves the franchise fee but they still chose to pay the huge fee because every businessman knows that it is one thing to have a good product but it is another to have a brand name, a goodwill and a tried and tested formula for success. Now answer this “How is buying a McDonald’s franchise different from paying an upfront fee to become a member of a data entry network which some “experts” claim are data entry job scams, receive DIY manuals and one on one coaching?” Simple, it costs a lot less but the basic principle is the same.



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