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What Works And What Doesn’t in Data Entry Work


When you are doing home data entry or working in a corporate environment, accuracy is of prime importance. Some companies check work by duplicating it and using software to identify discrepancies between the two data entry files. You can be sure if your work regularly displays inaccuracies, you will not be invited to complete future projects. Some data entry project sites have a way to rate the client satisfaction with your work overall through feedback. If your work is impeccable for accuracy in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, you will receive larger and more profitable projects. If the client is not satisfied with your accuracy levels, you may be asked to correct your errors repeatedly so that your profit margin drops significantly.


If you agree with a client to complete a home data entry project in a certain amount of time, you have created a legally binding contract. If you do not complete the work on time, the client can refuse to pay, or can delay payment. You can receive negative feedback regarding your performance of the job. The business that pays for the data entry work may be waiting for the results of your work to complete a large order, or to present an important report. Delaying the completion of such a report sometimes results in fines and penalties applied to the business.

Punctuation, grammar and spelling

These three areas are among the most important aspects of a home data entry project. The accuracy of the data is critical, but accuracy in punctuation, grammar and spelling is what makes the professionalism of the worker apparent. A business that prides itself on accuracy of data and accuracy of presentation will be reviewing the quality of the home worker’s presentation. If you are not prepared to submit work that is technically correct, you should find another type of home work to earn an income. As you grow more proficient in your duties, you will have to look up fewer of the rules and regulations of spelling, and grammar.


It is always important with a home data entry project that you make certain you understand the requirements of the project before beginning. This simple rule will prevent mistakes that will have to be corrected or work that must be redone. It is always easier to do the work right the first time through rather than to have to redo work with extensive revisions and corrections. Asking the right questions of the client to aid in your own understanding sometimes helps the client clarify their own thinking, too. The finished product is likely to be more polished and professional because of the questions leading to understanding.

Payment method

Home data entry obviously is undertaken for the purpose of earning income. It is wise to make sure that you understand from the beginning how you will be paid and how much. Some businesses pay upon completion of the project. Other businesses pay based on a time period, such as every two weeks. Other projects are paid upon completion of a percentage of the project.



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